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Connecting Conversation
That Truly Matters

I'preciate Movemen

I'preciate is an initiative by IAM, a group of like-minded financial professionals. Being the first client commitment program in Singapore, we aim to create a holistic and educational space for valued clients to network with each other and unite over common passions.

Since the start of our journey in 2019, we are happy to have positively impacted so many of you. 

The I'preciate Movement



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Be Part Of Our Community

Through this community, we hope to provide you with direct access to subject matter experts and dynamic content that is guaranteed to enrich your knowledge holistically.


Join us and be part of our community where ideas are born and where conversations begin.


We believe that education forms the fundamentals in making sound life decisions. It is also our strategy to assure you that you are dealing with transparent professionals with your best interests at heart through our personalised client roadmap and our educational webinars.

Enrich Your Knowledge

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We are thankful to our clients and friends, for being with us since the beginning and for constantly bringing along your loved ones to build a community of like minded people. Putting you before us, and going above and beyond for you would not only ensure that you are happy, but it is also a testament to our mission in helping our beloved clients.

Expand Your Network

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Life is beyond just dollars and cents. But, in order for you to fulfil your goals in life, the topic on money is unavoidable. We strive to not only help you build up your financial nest egg, but help you achieve your aspirations as well.

Explore Your Interest

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What Participants Say

With a range of events - ranging from financial topics to lifestyle events - we aim to not only build up your financial nest egg, but to also help you achieve your aspirations as well. 

We are grateful for all the positive feedback from our clients after our bi-weekly events. 

Keep Calm & Rest Webinar

Yao Ming Y.

I learnt how to change the environment to improve the quality of my sleep. The best part of the webinar was the part about making funny faces and noises to elevate our energy levels. I would recommend my friends to come for future events.

Alexander C.

Financial Symposium Webinar

It was an eye-opening webinar for me, as I was always interested in such investing topics. In this webinar, it really opened my mind and I feel so refreshed after listening to the market outlook topic covered!

Marcus C.

Islamic Financial Planning Webinar 

I have learnt about the topic of real Islamic estate and inheritance. The best part I am looking forward to is the upcoming Islamic Investment Talk. I will recommend my friends to come for future events by I'preciate!

Candy Cotton

What You Missed

Since our inception, we have committed to provide high-value, high-engagement and high quality events for our community. Take a look at some of our past event photos and what to expect for our future events. 

Event Partners

Event Partners

By being a part of this community, you'll be able to gain access to subject matter experts on topics ranging from Investing, to Will Writing, or medical talks. All this would not be made possible without the collaboration with our event partners. 

Join Our Upcoming Events

Reserve a seat for you and your loved ones by registering for our upcoming events below.

Food For The Brain

Enjoy our complimentary resources specially curated for you.

Water Your Mind

Enrich your knowledge on different financial topics through our specially curated articles.


The 33 Gifts: Unwrapping the
Secrets of Financial Success

Spurred by the overwhelming response from readers, we have published our book on Amazon, Singapore National Library Board and major bookstores to extend our outreach to the public.


The insights in this book are from top-notch professionals, who were invited to provide clarity of thought, for decisions from things that seem small, like budgeting wisely, to the bigger issues of legacy continuity.

Otter Planner.png

The Otter Planner


The Otter Planner was created to progress you towards your goal in 13 weeks. Through this planner, it will serve as your daily reminder to track your results. Download it and use it for your goal setting for an awesome year ahead! 

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." ~ John C. Maxwell


The Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude can be so simple, yet so powerful. When we start feeling grateful for the little things, bigger things start to follow. It's a simple act which requires very little input, but offers big results.

How often do we give thanks for the things we already have? The prompts in this journal will guide you to find reasons to be grateful for both the little things and the big things in life, and even the tough experiences.

Merlin Money Personality Quiz.png

Merlin's Money
Personality Quiz 

We truly believe in the importance of having robust financial health, which starts with awareness. Yet much well-meaning tips and advice you hear about or read about could disregard your own habits and thoughts, which makes them tough to follow. 

Take the quiz to find out what your money personality is, and understand the potential blindspots you may have and how you can be more effective with your finances!

Candy Cotton

People Behind the Scene

I Am, Because You Are

We believe strongly in growing holistically with our clients through their different milestones. It is the very foundation that our community was built on.

We achieve happiness by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us. And we live by the belief that the most valuable gift we have to offer to our clients and loved ones is ourself. 

Find out more about our associates and how they have lived out this belief.

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Contact Us

We are here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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